Paris Corner Ministry of Oud Oud Satin 100ml Extrait de Perfume

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Paris Corner Ministry of Oud Satin, Fragrance for Men & Women, 100ml Extrait de Perfume

Ministry of Oud - Oud Satin is an Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features agarwood (oud), Bulgarian rose, benzoin, Turkish rose, violet, and vanilla. A rich resinous powdery fragrance with soft rose and oud. The vanilla and rose notes flutter in and out of the spotlight but the focus is always on the oud. Oud Satin starts strong but then creates a soft, hazy aura around the wearer. The perfume is unisex, beautifully blended, has moderate to strong projection, and has excellent longevity.

Top: Agarwood, Bulgarian rose

Middle: Benzoin, Turkish rose

Base: Violet and Vanilla

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fantastic indeed

Leans more on the feminine side but a man can wear this as well and smell amazing. It lasts for the whole day. I truly amazing fragrance 🔥🔥

Kenneth M
Oud Satin

Nice fragrance that can be worn by both male and female, projection is average, longevity is above average, silage is average.

Ministry Of Oud Satin

Long lasting fragrance that smells great. If you looking for something different go for this one.

Ministry Of Oud Satin

Just received my order. Decided to give it one spray on my shirt and boy my room filled with rose. I was still uncertain with it as I felt it lingers more on the feminine side but then, I went outside for not more than 5 minutes and already got 3 compliments. So it’s definitely something I see myself occasionally wearing and wow the projection is just staggering. That one spray was the only thing I was smelling the entire time even until now. Excited to see the journey this one takes me through and thank you Rio for such a masterpiece.

Themba Mndawe
Sweet vanilla scent

This scent is beautiful and sexy and yet different than any other scent you may sniffed on anybody your whole life . And it’s highly addictive, it also pushes you to look the part. I love love love it .

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