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Best bang per buck

I am amazed with the fragrance performance and price. Although it is a clone of Creed Aventus but a really really good one. I would definitely recommend this.
Performance: 4-6 hours
Sillage: In a room you won't go unrecognized
Fragrance: citrus, aromatic, Woody, Smokey.

Khathu Mokwebo
Perfect Buy

The CDNIM EDP is really cool, I'm so satisfied!!
I get compliments, and it is VERY long lasting too.

Vikash Ramnath
Armaf Club de Nuit Intense EDP 200ml.

Now that I have the EDT, EDP and the Limited Edition Parfum, I feel somewhat qualified to offer my brief thoughts on them.

The EDT is where you will get the sharp, lemony opening. It really isn't as bad as some people make it out to be. The EDP and Parfum are better here, and overall in fact. I have been getting more pineapple out of my 200ml. EDP version than the Parfum. I find the EDP is more fruity, earthy and musky, but the Parfum is giving me more of that smoke and pencil shavings some of us love about Aventus.

After many wearings I am most happy with the EDP, the Parfum not so far behind, but I see the EDT at third. Not that the EDT is bad of course. It's quality, but the other two are superior. All three shine in the heat; amazing how it lifts off your skin when out in the sun. Longevity and performance on all three iterations are stupendous.

I suggest if you are thinking of blind-buying CDNIM, get this 200ml. EDP. You are getting more of the best bits of Creed Aventus - more pineapple and a better dry-down, in my opinion. It's fantastic value; beats so many designer and niche chypre fragrances in price and scent.

Once again, thank you to Rio Perfumes for stocking the best fragrances, and always delivering on service and quality.

Mogammad Adams
Very satisfied

Thank you. I am very satisfied with the Club Se Nuit.
I would like to try buying from Rio perfumes again.

James Ross
Performance not good at all

It looks like there has been a couple of reformulations of this line and each of them have reduced longevity of the scent. Currently this batch gets about 2-4 hours of life out of 4 sprays. Definitely not as good as the original 12 hours from the first batch. Wouldn't recommend at a