Oud 24 Hours 100ml Eau de Parfum

Oud 24 Hours 100ml Eau de Parfum

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Oud 24 Hours, Fragrance for Men & Women, 100ml Eau De Parfum

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Asheen Singh
The Epitome of Efficiency

This Fragrance is amazing definitely similar to Tom Fords Black Orchid only better and far more affordable. I was informed of my order at all times and could track my order at all times. I would say more efficient than even Loot or Takealot in the delivery department.I even received a thank you note which added to the personal touch and made me feel more special.Really amazed at the service provided

Top notch 👌

Good service from Rio

Vikash Ramnath
Ego Boost

A large Black African woman was checking we all had the correct documents to renew our motor vehicle licences as we stood in a monstrous queue outside the Post Office in Durban North. When it's my turn she takes my documents, stops, looks at me, leans closer and says:

Woman: "Say yes."
Vik: "Yes?"
Woman: "Good. Now you're my boyfriend for today."


She let out a loud bellowing laugh, which got the people around us chuckling, too😊 She moves on to the person behind me, and tells her: "Eish, this man is dressed to kill and is smelling good. I think he came just to see me." *more laughter*😂

Two hours later, as I left the Post Office, my new extra large Black girlfriend shouted: "See you next year, boyfriend!"😄😂

What a day I've just had! That woman made my day, and so did Oud 24 Hours. Nobody asked me what I was wearing, and in some way I was glad no-one did. Thing is, I might have fibbed and said Tom Ford's Black Orchid😉 And quite frankly, I would not have been totally wrong, because Oud 24 Hours is probably the most nailed-on clone of a fragrance I have ever worn. Amazing stuff. This is Black Orchid, folks, but with better projection and longevity. Only two sprays on my body, one on my coat.

It's R269 for Oud 24 Hours, but the quality is as good as the Tom Ford offering. If you're a fan of Black Orchid, you just have to get Oud 24 Hours⭐

Seriously thinking about sending that woman at the Post Office flowers and a basket of goodies. She made standing in a queue for two hours a pleasure, boosted my ego, made my week✨

Thank you to all at Rio Perfumes. You are professional, and your service and products are unmatched.

Eloff Mahloele

Great value for money
Highly recommend it

Theo Van Niekerk

Great service and speedy delivery. A well deserved 5 stars for Rio

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